Request For Pre-Qualification

Implementation of 4 Investment Opportunities (3 Private Schools in Jaber Al-Ahmad City and 1 Private School in Sabah Al-Ahmad City in Kuwait

The public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) wishes to invite specialized companies to pre-qualify to develop Investment Opportunities in Jaber Al-Ahmad City and Sabah Al-Ahmad City to develop private schools on a design, finance, build, operate, maintain and transfer basis for a period of (38) calendar years comprised of a 3-year construction period followed by 35-year investment period. PAHW seeks a private sector partner(s) to develop one or more of the Investment Opportunities as per the schedule below,

Interested companies are requested to download the declaration of confidentiality from PAHW’s official website. The declaration of confidentiality must be signed by an authorised representative on behalf of the interested company and submitted to PAHW along with a proof of authority letter issued on a recent date in order to collect the RFQ from Project Development Department starting Sunday 1/11/2020 .

All interested companies should submit their completed Statement of Qualifications (SOQs) and all required documents according to the terms and requirements mentioned in the RFQ along with a certified and irrevocable cheque of an amount as per the schedule below,

The Cheque should be issued from a registered bank in the State of Kuwait by Thursday 6/12/2020 at 12:00 pm (Kuwait time). With a letter addressed to the Deputy Director General of Investment and Private Sector to the following address: Public Authority for Housing Welfare, P.O. Box 23385, Safat 13094, Kuwait, South Surra, Ministry Area, Project Development Department. The SOQ must be in compliance with the SOQ requirements in the RFQ. For any further queries, the Public Authority for Housing Welfare may be contacted no later than 16/11/2020 through the email address related to each Investment Opportunity as per the schedule below,

The Public Authority for Housing Welfare reserves the right to amend the scope of the project, modify, cancel or suspend the Request for Qualification process or any or all stages of the Investment Opportunity, at any time for any reason without any liabilities or responsibilities.

This announcement is an integral part of the project documentation.

Investment Opportunity

Area (m2)

RFQ Fees (KD)

Email Address

J6-B in Jaber Al-Ahmad City



J6-C in Jaber Al-Ahmad City



J6-F in Jaber Al-Ahmad City



S4-F in Sabah Al-Ahmad City



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