Philosophy behind the New Logo

The new logo of PAHW reflects on the future strategy and policy of housing activities to transform the contemporary media identity of modern-day management in agreement with the current studies presented from the best standards to display our new identity; reflecting PAHW’s mission, vision and mandate.
The logo reflects our design matching the nature of our new phase, that is being adopted towards PAHW’s current and future development plans through our mega housing projects, which in turn, enhances the positive- image with the public, as the changes implemented reflects on PAHW’s success at achieving it’s short and long term objectives.
The logo was inspired from the structure and plan for housing. The lines symbolize the mission, vision and development of our contribution. Our selection of colors within the logo reflect several values: burgundy for PAHW’s momentum, blue reflecting PAHW’s loyalty, faith and confidence, with copper echoing our knowledge and stability.

Monday 27 May 2024


Working together towards a sustainable partnership